How to Stop Biting Nails

How to Stop Biting Nails

How to stop biting your nails

How to stop biting nails is a question I have frequently heard at the nail salon. Believe it or not adults bite their nails. Do not be alarmed, both males and females do it and it is quite common amongst young adults. Most of the time it starts from a young age. Just like sucking on your thumb a lot of people stop doing it as they grow older, others train themselves to stop and they eventually do. So when adults do it, it’s an habit they are unconscious of until they are half way through chewing on their nails. According to WebMD 45% of teenagers and 60% of adults bite their nails. Other causes of nail biting are as follow.


People who are in the habit of biting their nails mostly resort to doing so when they are anxious or uncomfortable in a situation. It’s usually their auto reaction to anxiety or other emotions like fear, and frustration. Pay attention to how you react in stick situations.


This is one of the leading reason why people gnaw on their nails. They try to keep themselves occupied when nothing interesting is going on. Just like we wonder with our eyes by looking around when we are not occupied. People who bite their nails just automatically do so because they are used to doing it. Biting your nails can be an occasional habit or a very serious one. And if you are reading this you are probably concern about it. Majority of people do not catch themselves doing it until they have gone through a couple of fingers.

How to Stop Nail Biting

One of the leading products out there that discourages nail biting and thumb sucking.

Biting Nails

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54w Royal nails professional UV light is one of the most popular curing lamps in the market. It’s no surprise, because it can be used to dry all gel UV products and acrylic nails. Best of all it also works on OPI, CND Shellac, Harmony and much more. Given that most nail lights only work best on one or two polish products, this is a thumbs up.   I love it because you can dry both hands or legs at the same time. That is one of the features I consider a bonus when shopping for a lamp. Especially when it has a reasonable price. I love to try new polish products, hence this is a very good oven to have. Cleaning and maintaining seems fairly easy. I find it also very easy to use and setup.

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Royal Nails UV Dryer Set up:

OC Nails UV Shield Gloves

OC nails anti UV shield gloves would protect your skin from harmful UV rays. I do suggest you get a pair and use them every single time you cure your nails. It does not matter what oven  you use or if you are at the nail salon, always protect yourself.  The gloves only expose the tip of your fingers in the dryer but shields the rest of your hand. Buy a pair with your new 54 watt Royal nails professional UV Oven.

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CND UV Lamp for Shellac Nail polish Review

CND UV Lamp for Shellac Nail polish Review

CND UV lamp for shellac nail polishCND UV lamp for shellac nail polish In my opinion is the most reliable oven to dry the CND shellac nail polish on your nails. Just getting into the shellac hype and loving it. What is the difference between cnd and any other UV lamp? Well, not all lamps are equal when it comes to drying gel or shellac nail polish. The CND UV Lamp is recommended for curing CND nail polish products. Following the nail polish drying instructions is essential for a beautiful glossy finish.  Some regular lamps would not dry shellac nails properly like they would other gel polish because of the difference in nail polish formula. One thing I love about owning one of this at home is the money I save doing it at home myself compared to the cost of doing shellac nails at the salon every two weeks. I love the glossy finish, they do not cheap or get scratched easily and very easy to apply. Lets review some things you need to know about your new oven. To buy see below.

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What is shellac nail polish?

Shellac polish  is a gel polish created by CND and needs to be cured using ultraviolet light. credits the company for using a formula called the “Power Polish” which is a blend between UV cured and regular nail polish. The difference between regular nail polish and shellac is that after it is cured it produces a very thin layer that is durable compare to the hard shell a gel polish has.

CND UV Lamp Set-Up

How to use the CND UV Lamp

After pushing your cuticles back and prepping your nails. Apply a thin layer of your base coat to your nails and then put your fingers in the oven for 10 seconds to dry. I usually recommend getting a pair of UV gloves to protect your hands. Apply a thin layer of your shellac polish and dry your nails in the oven for 2 minutes. Put another coat of polish on your nails and dry again for 2 minutes. Finally apply a thin layer of the top coat and let it dry in the oven for another 2 minutes. Wipe the stickiness off your nails with 99% Isopropyl alcohol – available in stores. Apply cuticle oil over your nails and you are done.

What you need:

  • Base coat
  • CND Shellac nail polish
  •  Top coat
  • 99% Isopropyl alcohol
  • And of cause  your CND UV Lamp Oven for Shellac Nails.

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Minnie Mouse Nails Art

Minnie Mouse Nails Art

Minnie mouse nails Art designs

Minnie Mouse Nails? Yes, she is the girlfriend of mickey mouse. We would be doing Minnie mouse nail arts and learning various ways to put that adorable face on your finger nails. We would also reveal the best places to get supplies need.

DIY Minnie mouse nails

Lets take a look at how others do it!

Materials needed

Minnie Nail polishStart 0ff with the CLICK HERE >> O.P.I Minnie Mouse Polish Collection 12 Bottles w/Display

* A clear coat paint

*A regular pen that has a flat click at the top

*A regular Pencil

* Accessorize with gem stones and 3d Minnie nail art designs “samples below”


3D Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Complete your nail design by adding some sparkles. You can combine colorful “nail bows” with the gems to make your nails more beautiful. Here are a few to get you going. Most rhinestone jewels are reusable, I like to mix an match them depending on my theme.


Disney Nail Decals (stickers):

NOTE: Make sure you get a clear coat nail polish to apply over the stickers. Lasts longer
mickey mouse nail stickers

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Nail Art This are great for the holidays and gives you the gratification you need when you don’t really feel like doing much to your nails. Mixing it up with other related Disney characters makes it more fun.

SO PRETTY !!   mickey and minnie mouse nail stickers

Press-On Nails DIY

Disney fake nails

false nailsLastly we have Press-On False Nails. Do you know you can customize your own press on nails. All you need to do is add some Disney nail art to the fake nails, remove the adhesive tape at the back and press them on your nails. Make sure you size the fake nails with each finger nail to know which fits on what finger before you start accessorizing them They usually last for about a week perfect for “girls night“. You would also need to file the edges after putting them on to create a smooth and uniform look. More update coming on Minnie mouse nails art.

What is the Difference between Acrylic and Gel nails

What is the difference between acrylic and gel nails

So what is the difference between acrylic and gel nails? Let us start with the characteristics of both, then dive deeper into more details such has how they are applied, maintained and removed. Sit back and enjoy the ride.


Acrylic nails VS Gel Nails


Characteristics of Acrylic nails

  • Acrylic nails consists of two parts liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer)
  • Ultra violet lamp not needed to cure
  • Acrylic nails are stronger
  • They are easier to remove by soaking
  • Acrylic nails cost less than gel nails
  • You can fill your nails every 2-3 weeks depending on how fast your nails grow

Characteristics of Gel Nails

  • Gel liquid has a thick viscosity
  • Ultra violet lamp is commonly needed to cure
  • Gel nails are thicker
  • Gel nails are usually filed off to remove them
  • Gel Nails cost more than acrylic nails
  • Gel nails needs less filling  and also depends on how fast your nails grow


 What is acrylic nails and how is acrylic nails applied

Acrylic nails is a combination of both liquid (monomer) and powder (polymer) acrylic applied to a nail tip. A nail tip is usually adhered to your real nail to create a false length then the acrylic combination is applied on top with an applicator (brush)

Pros of Acrylic nails

  • They are stronger than any other form of nail application
  • They are easier to fix when broken. You can fix it yourself at home
  • Less expensive than gel nails
  • You can easily remove them with acetone
  • They last longer

Cons of Acrylic nails

  • Nick named “fake nails” they do not look as natural as gel nails
  • Acrylic nails do have some chemical smell to it compared to gel nails
  • If not applied correctly they can lift which causes water to go under and possibly become a breeding ground for bacteria. So keep it tight.

How is acrylic nails applied

You have the liquid (monomer) and the powder (polymer). You deep the applicator (brush) into the acrylic liquid and then pick just a little powder up with the brush. Make sure to gently press the bottom of the brush down on a towel or fine paper to get rid of excess liquid. Gently apply the powder to the bottom of the nail tip and working it down towards the cuticles. Acrylic nails set faster than gel nails so work as efficient as you can.

What is Gel Nails and how is it applied

It is simply a gel with thick viscosity  that is applied on your nails and the end result is a glossy finish. A couple of coat is needed to create a beautiful glossy look.

Pros of Acrylic Nails

  • With the help of a UV lamp gel nails dry faster than acrylic nails. Usually 2-4 minutes per coat.
  • The gel itself takes longer to dry without a UV lamp so you can take your time applying it to your nails without it setting.
  • They do not produce the chemical smell acrylic nails are known for, hence more friendly
  • Gel nails look more glossy and natural

Cons of Acrylic Nails

  • Gel nails are more fragile compared to acrylic nails
  • Gel nails do not break, they shatter into pieces, hence harder to fix.
  • Gel nails are more expensive than acrylic nails
  • To remove, you need to file them out, though you can soak them, you still need to file them out.

How is Gel nails applied

You need to trim your nails and push back your cuticles. To make sure the gel adheres properly to your nails, make sure you clean and push back your cuticles properly. You then buff the surface of your nails, this creates a rougher surface that would allow the gel to stick properly. Add a primer 0n the surface of your nails before applying the gel. You need about three coat of gel to provided a good finish. After applying the first coat place your fingers under the UV lamp for about 2-4 minutes to cure and then repeat the process two more times. To prevent lifting clean any gel on your cuticles and the skin around  your nails.

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