Minnie Mouse Nails Art

Minnie Mouse Nails Art

Minnie mouse nails Art designs

Minnie Mouse Nails? Yes, she is the girlfriend of mickey mouse. We would be doing Minnie mouse nail arts and learning various ways to put that adorable face on your finger nails. We would also reveal the best places to get supplies need.

DIY Minnie mouse nails

Lets take a look at how others do it!

Materials needed

Minnie Nail polishStart 0ff with the CLICK HERE >> O.P.I Minnie Mouse Polish Collection 12 Bottles w/Display

* A clear coat paint

*A regular pen that has a flat click at the top

*A regular Pencil

* Accessorize with gem stones and 3d Minnie nail art designs “samples below”


3D Minnie Mouse Nail Art

Complete your nail design by adding some sparkles. You can combine colorful “nail bows” with the gems to make your nails more beautiful. Here are a few to get you going. Most rhinestone jewels are reusable, I like to mix an match them depending on my theme.


Disney Nail Decals (stickers):

NOTE: Make sure you get a clear coat nail polish to apply over the stickers. Lasts longer
mickey mouse nail stickers

Mickey Mouse Minnie Mouse Nail Art This are great for the holidays and gives you the gratification you need when you don’t really feel like doing much to your nails. Mixing it up with other related Disney characters makes it more fun.

SO PRETTY !!   mickey and minnie mouse nail stickers

Press-On Nails DIY

Disney fake nails

false nailsLastly we have Press-On False Nails. Do you know you can customize your own press on nails. All you need to do is add some Disney nail art to the fake nails, remove the adhesive tape at the back and press them on your nails. Make sure you size the fake nails with each finger nail to know which fits on what finger before you start accessorizing them They usually last for about a week perfect for “girls night“. You would also need to file the edges after putting them on to create a smooth and uniform look. More update coming on Minnie mouse nails art.