Must have accessories for Acrylic nail Designs and Gel Nails

Must have accessories for Acrylic nail designs and Gel Nails

There are a few must have accessories for acrylic nail designs and gel nails. This are the same tools you would find at nail salons. The good news is they are so easy to use and would safe you some money if you are one of those who likes to do things themselves. The following equipment would save you a lot of time booking an appointment at the nail salon when you can do it yourself. They are not expensive or bulky in size. Every twentieth century woman should have them.

Acrylic Clipper

Acrylic nail clippers

A nail clipper cutter is essential for acrylic nails. This are professional cutters specific for this purpose. using a regular nail clipper on acrylic nails would spoil it and would be hard to shape .

How to use acrylic clippers:

  • Measure the desired length of the acrylic nail before cutting
  • Make sure you are holding the clipper at an angle pointing towards the tip of the nail not towards the finger
  • Finish cutting the nails on one hand first so you can have something to compare to while cutting the nails on the other hand
  • Cut the nails on the other hand slightly longer and  measure side by side with the identical finger to gauge how much more you need to remove.
  • Use your nail file to shape and smoothen the edges of the acrylic nails

Acrylic Drill

Acrylic Drills

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Prepping your nails is something everyone should be able to do themselves. With the mechanical drill you get consistent power from the motor compared to the pen drill. The acrylic drill is not actually a drill it is an electric nail file, so don’t be scared. Works well on both hand and toe nails. It come with various drill tips to sand and manicure your nails. The leg pedal that comes with it is also a good accessories. The small cylindrical bits that go on the drill tip are coarse and have the texture of a regular nail file.

How to use acrylic drills:

  • Put one of the coarse bits on the tip of the drill
  • With the drill on rub the drill gently against the surface of the acrylic nail side to side
  • Gently clean out and push the cuticles back
  • Dust and wipe the nails


UV Dry lamp

Acrylic Nail UV lamp

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This is the mega haul. Having one of your own is a dream come true. This can be used to cure your nails faster than the traditional blow on  my nails act. Air drying your nails and hoping they don’t get smudged before they dry is a thing of the past. You can set this next to your beauty products and have it at your disposal. It’s size and elegant look just makes it a perfect  gizmo to have. It is also a good gift item for a girl friend or loved one. If you love Shellac nails and want to save money by doing it yourself at home read the CND UV lamp for shellac nails Review.

Anti UV Gloves

UV Gloves


If you are afraid of getting burnt while using a UV dry lamp. The best solution is the anti UV gloves. They only expose the nails while under the UV lamp and protect the rest of your hand. This peer of UV gloves are reusable and washable.

For: 3D Acrylic Nail Art Designs

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