Top Acrylic Nails Designs and Gel Nails

Top Acrylic Nails Designs

This is our top ACRYLIC NAILS DESIGNS and Gel Nails selections. For those still deciding what kind of acrylic nails you want. This suggestions would get you started on picking a design that suits your style. You have variety of options available to you. You can make your own designs with gems, glitters and any nail art you wish. You begin to have a feel for each design once you try it out. The sky is the limit if you have endless imaginations. We have a few designs to get you started.

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Glitter Nails

Glitter is a simple way to get your acrylic nails to look pretty. When it comes to doing it yourself. There is no hassle , all you need to do is mix and match your glitters. You can cover the whole finger nail with a coat or make designs and patterns with different colors. With the right color they look tempting to the eyes. If this is your first try on glitter acrylic nails designs, start out by polishing the polish on the whole nail. Depending on your style you can add your glitter into the polish  or just dap with your brush.

Acrylic nails designs Glitter

  • Glitter nail designs is a good place to get started for beginners
  • Start with your favorite colors
  • If you are marching your nails with a dress or an occasion, this is the easiest way to do that
  • You can select different glitter colors and sizes, you don’t have to use a lot of multiple colors at the same time


Rhinestones Glitter Acrylic

Rhinestones added to glitter makes for a more shiny reveal. The more shine the better. When you picking your rhinestones, make sure the color and size compliments your glitter nail polish. In most cases big size rhinestones go well with brighter polish. They tend to overshadow a dull polish if they are bigger in size and brighter. Design is key to make your nails stand out.

Acrylic Nails designs Rhinestones and Glitter

  •  If you want more shine. Rhinestones and glitter acrylic nails designs is a perfect march
  • March with your shoes and purse
  • You have lots of shaped and sizes to choose from
  • Rhinestone colors that complement the nail colors and glitter

 Rhinestones Designs

Stones without glitter on a good and bright nail polish looks great. Clear rhinestones are easier to work with because they go well with any polish. The key to good acrylic nails designs is the patterns you create with them. You do not have to use a lot of stones if not necessary. Just enough to accentuate the nail polish.

Acrylic nails with Rhinestones

  • Nail Paint art and some rhinestones create an elegant look
  • The rhinestones accentuate the nail polish
  • lots of designs with this two


Nail Paint Art Design

“If you can’t buy it, make’em” Can’t find the perfect nail design and colors that goes with the look you want? Why don’t you just do it yourself. Some times you just want to be super unique and you get inspired to create your own nail art. Explore your artistic side, you won’t believe what beautiful designs you can come up with until you try it.

Acrylic Nail Art designs

  •  Ideal for the artistic mind
  • You can do you it yourself or get a good professional to do it for your
  • If you are marching your nails with your friends, good choice


3D Art

3D nail art is a fun way of self expression. It can be both colorful and elegant. The 3D arts are premade all you need to do is mix and match to create multiple acrylic nails designs. They tend to be easily noticed by both men and women and can spark an interaction.

3D Nail Designs

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